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Trèvol is a family company established in the center of the city of Lleida in 1983 with aim of selling quality toys with educational value , without sacrificing topical toy .

In Trèvol gradually and in parallel , we have developed a line of collectible toys and scale reproductions , such as replica tin toys , miniatures in different scales of cars , agricultural machinery, construction equipment and vehicles transport .

In a time when it has developed a trade impersonalized type and bit more specialized, in Trèvol we are proud to have as a core value the advice and personalized attention to our accommodation without compromising on competitiveness.

The fact of expanding our offer now , as online store is a challenge for us to try to respond to increased demand we experienced from points outside our town, especially in the world of collecting .

We hope to serve your needs on- line as we have done since our inception as a shop on the streets of our city.

We can send items to all European  Comunity Countries ; you can register after send items to cart an pay by bank transfer or by Pay Pal .

Shipping and Handling

VAT is included in the price of our products. These prices are valid except typing error and may change without notice .
After the purchase, you will receive an email with confirmation and order number. You compliance and returns us once we have notified the completion of the transfer , process your shipment. The bill  will be sent with the merchandise.
If do not receive our confirmation within two days of receipt of order, please contact us by mail . We can not  have received your order for any fault on the servers.
Shipments are made through a courier company .
For details of the status of your shipment please contact us.

        You will need a valid email which will confirm .
After completing these steps you will get a password to access your account as often as desired .
Shipping Costs to EU 14,99 €


Trèvol guarantee delivery of your order within a maximum of 4-6 working days at the address requested within the EU territory , long as we have the item in stock .

Warranties and refunds

All our products have been checked strictly before shipping and have legal warranty against manufacturing defects.
The product warranty covers manufacturing defects , excluding abuse , misuse or normal wear and tear .
In any case, the return of defective products and incorrect shipments , which in this case Trèvol who will bear the costs always sent to the client communicates this within 24 hours from the date of receipt of order. This customer is recommended to examine the merchandise once it was received.
If when you receive your order is not satisfied , have a period of seven days from the date of receipt to implement the right of return. Shipping costs and collection in case of return paid by the customer . To be effective the refund, the product must be in perfect condition and in their original packaging. Once collected the merchandise in our stores and after verification of their status , will proceed to refund the amount by bank transfer to the account that the client wants or Pay Pal .


In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law of Data Protection 13/1999 of December 15 , we inform that the personal data you provide to this website are purely internal to the activity related to the web use. These will not be passed to third parties.





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